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Growing up in northern California, chef Almond Ryan-Estrada was no stranger to fresh produce and organic cooking. "My father is a bit of a hippie, he loves the earth and what it provides for us. He was always very passionate about fresh cooking. My mother, on the other hand, grew up in a conservative Southern home. Heavy but comforting Soul Food was always on the dining table."

The result was a kitchen filled with fun fusions of exotic spices and traditional southern cuisine. Today, Almond has used her influences to create delicious recipes with healthy ingredients. "I want people to know that healthy cooking does not have to equal a loss of flavor, it is possible to have both!"

After completing her culinary training at The Institute of Culinary Education in New York City, Almond Elisa worked as a chef at Butter, a fine dining restaurant in Greenwich Village. She also created the menu for Room Service, the first New York restaurant with nutritional information printed on the menu. She started Almonds Kitchen to help others share her passion for food by teaching the joy of cooking.

After returning to her California roots in 2009, Almond worked as a catering chef for Dean & Deluca in the Napa Valley. Currently, Almond splits her time teaching culinary instruction and catering for Almond's Kitchen, as well as working as the Executive Research Chef for The Intrinsic Group in Alamo, CA.